duong tam kien

To reach rational knowledge by our intelligence is the just demand of the mind which comes to science. For intelligence, understanding (Verstand), is thinking, pure activity of the self in general; and what is intelligible (Verständige) is something from the first familiar and common to the scientific and unscientific mind alike, enabling the unscientific mind to enter the domain of science.

Introduction, Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel

I’m still sure I won’t be pro-Hegel. Reading it is not that hard if one use a very patient approach. Maybe I’ll blog about it or maybe I will wait the summer reading class.

It is also a perfect timing with yesterday’s projection of Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil at the cine alfinete (1euro/month, nice people, great discussions). I didn’t see a lot about the cinematographic because of how the narrative was completly echoing hegelian topics. I now have a perfect example of dialectical representation of truth in cinema.