duong tam kien

  1. Don’t blame the poor — don’t blame the worker whose industry job is the only job he could get, don’t blame the woman who buys carbon-intensive food for her family because that’s all that her budget and her neighborhood has to offer, don’t blame the big family in the developing world that doesn’t have access to family planning. The poor are not the problem. If you need to blame anyone, blame the ruling class that controls the options available to poor people in the US and around the world, and whose policies, consumption habits and ideology are far, far more responsible for the crisis.

  2. Again — don’t blame the poor. Seriously.

Patrick Robbins, Twenty Things YOU Can Do To Address the Climate Crisis!

Do not know if this just my sociologist ethos that resurfaces temporarily but there is a lot of strong signals about strenghtening the premises of the hidden class warfare. Being part of the middle class, I feel like a duty to forward that kind of message. The list has a lot of food for your mind (specially for all the other kinds of inner self) and contains stuffs that should be remembered.